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 Character Template

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PostSubject: Character Template   Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:49 pm

[img] (Character Image Link Here) [/ img]

Name: (Self-Explanatory)
Age: 18 - 45
Gender: Male or Female
Special Characteristics: Do they have a scar, a disorder, or even just a wonky eye?

Personality: (What are they like? At least 100 words.)
Likes: (At least 2, bullet them properly please.)
Dislikes: (At least 2, bullet them properly.)
Fears: (At least 1.)
Motivation: (At least 1, elaborate.)

Class: Pick 1 out of the 4 starting classes. (Rogue, Healer, Warrior or Mage)

Height: (Preferably in feet and inches.)
Weight: (Preferably in lbs.)
Overall Appearance: (Usual clothing, hair color, eye color, facial expressions.. At least 50 words.)

History: (What have they been through? At least 250 words.)
RP Sample: (How do you roleplay? It can be from a different site. As long as it is 100 words.)
Face Claim: What's your FC? It can be your actual AQW character's image.
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Character Template
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