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 Triath Starborn

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PostSubject: Triath Starborn    Tue Sep 22, 2015 1:53 pm

Name: Triath Starborn
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: None

Personality: Triath is a chill guy, usually silent. He's calm and collective, so he's very strategic. He isn't much of an aggresive type, usually wanting to make friends.


• Food - Who doesn't like food?

• Calm Summer Breeze - He prefers to just chill under a tree, enjoying the summer breeze.


• Aggression - He hates those who just get mad all the time.

• Sour Candy - He likes every type of food, except sour candy.


• Death - He doesn't want to die.


• Friends - He wants to make lots of friends. He wants to keep them alive.

Class: Warrior

Height: 6"3'
Weight: 140 lbs
Overall Appearance: Triath usually wears a black combat robe with his two blade sheaths on his back, he has black hair, blue eyes, and is usually keeping his eyes shut. He smiles all the time, and when in combat, his face gets angrily serious.

History: Triath was born as a 4th generation descendant of the great Artix himself, a paladin who was both feared and respected throughout the world. Inheriting the weapons and magic from the holy family allowed Triath to start off stronger than most of those around him, due to his wide array of weapons and skill capabilities. Despite being friendly towards most people, especially when first meeting them, no one who became friends with Triath wanted to so much as spar with him. The boy didn’t know when to stop, often times leaving his friends who were brave enough to battle him on the brink of Noobshire. As he grew, his father and grandfather had grown worried. They viewed their ancestor, Artix, as something that mustn’t ever be repeated, and yet Triath showed all the signs for someone who’d go brighter when it came to his combat. His personality, however, was still that of a genuinely good person.

The only time it could be seen that he wasn’t just nice and happy all the time was when someone entered Triath's bad side. His entire demeanour would change, an aura of hatred and death flowing off the young boy. Only one person ever entered that territory, and they died the next day in combat. His Grandfather passed, and his father realized there was no changing who Triath was. With that, Triath went off to Swordhaven Knight Academy to hone his abilities and to learn how to deal with the world. Before long, he graduated top of his class and became an official member of the Swordhaven Knights. Now, he is seeing if the world is truly for him, or if it’ll need some changing around first. After all, a Paladin broke the illusion on the world. Why couldn’t another Paladin build one?

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Face Claim: Kirito - Sword Art Online
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Triath Starborn
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